Love & Anthropologie


I hope everyone had a weekend full of rest and relaxation! I spent mine with my guy and girlfriends. I gave him the Trader Joe’s card that I had tweeted about a few days ago and he loved it!!

He got me the most AMAZING smelling candle from Anthropologie for Valentine’s Day! The scent is Capri Blue. The candle is in a metal casing and there are spots that light up when it’s burning! The aroma is very strong and makes the room smell good instantly!!

Image       Image

Along with the candle, he gave me a an envelope with a cute little phrase written on it! We had a casual night that consisted of making homemade macaroni and cheese which was DELICIOUS (a jeans un-buttoner if I may say so myself) and grilled chicken. The meal was so satisfying and filling that we didn’t even make it to dessert! However, I did make a heart shaped fudge brownie and guilt free chocolate chip cookies that he LOVES! I substitute butter with greek yogurt and use half of the sugar that the recipe calls for.

Image                         Image

We decided to stay in because dining out can be such a rip off! Restaurants make special menus with tailored prices to make you spend more and anywhere you go is crowded and loud! So we opted to stay in and have a relaxing, intimate night together. All in all, I think our first Valentine’s Day together was a success!