Top Ten Revelations I’ve Learned About Social Media


1. Blogging creates buzz, enthusiasm, and draws attention to topics
– As a fairly new blogger, I never realized big the world of blogging is. There are tons of different platforms to use that make it easy to narrow down topics you are interested in. It’s like a domino effect, once you start reading someone’s blog, it connects you to another, then another, and so on. Blogging is a form of networking, kind of like trying to get a job. 


2. “One of the many things social media in particular has done is give people an opportunity to participate in conversations around a specific product, service, and so on” (pg.245)
– The biggest change social media brought to PR and marketing is the ability for a consumer to connect with a brand on a first degree level. In the past, customers had to write letters, make calls, and wait to hear back for weeks. I tweet at brands all the time, whether it is about a good coffee I just bought from Starbucks or poor customer service somewhere. In the beginning of the semester, I had a question about a book on Chegg so I tweeted @CheggHelp and received a response in minutes. It really is amazing and revolutionary how much social media connects consumers to a brand and helps customer service. 


3. Connect all aspects of social media to your brand/product
– Embedding socia media on a website/blog creates ease for a consumer. Someone is less likely to take the extra time to find a Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook account if it is not right on the company’s website. I love the idea of a Twitter feed on a blog or website. It creates an instant connection and someone can read your tweets to figure out if they want to follow you.


4. The benefits of LinkedIn
– I really enjoyed learning the benefits of LinkedIn! There are so many ways to network your brand and company. I revamped my LinkedIn for this class and have gotten many compliments on it. I didn’t know there was a job search option and you can even apply for jobs directly with your Linkedin profile!


5. Gaining and audience and reach with hashtags
– I made a personal Twitter account for myself where I tweet about social media, marketing, advertising, and PR. I can’t believe the amount of followers I had gained just from using hashtags! I know they are working because people that follow me are in a similar field as the one I an aspiring to be part of. Many advertising and marketing agencies have followed me.


6. Using social media to brand yourself
– I created a certain look and feel for my social media accounts. I use a mint/teal blue and yellow color that is consistent on all of my sights. I even added a teal strip to the top of my resume. Being consistent with a look and feel will help people remember you and they will be more likely to remember you in the future because of the colors you used.


7. Social media is not a toy, it’s a tool
– The book talked a lot about how older companies won’t invest in social media because they think it is a toy. It’s just not with their times. My parents feel the same way, but it’s only because they don’t know the benefits it can bring to awareness, sales, and audience. Yes, many younger users don’t have an account for the same purposes as a company or CEO. However, there are statistics and companies that are experts with social media and can provide results.


8. Social media takes time and investment- it doesn’t grow your company over night
– This statement follows #7. Old-fashioned companies don’t want to invest time and money into social media. They don’t understand that gain and reach doesn’t happen over night. It is a long term investment for your company.


9. Conversation is key when using social media
– Conversation is important on the customer service end of social media. There are a lot of angry consumers out there that tweet or post angry statements about companies. It may look bad for a brand, but it is important for them to open the conversation with this consumer and answer with respect and sympathy.


10. Content and consistency
– Make sure your posts are consistent and relevant to your brand. Yes, posting a lot is important, but so is the content. If a sportswear brand is posting about the Grammy’s, followers are going to become confused and may unfollow. Make sure your content relates to your brand so that followers will retweet, favorite, reblog, or start conversation about it.



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