Battling Your Enemy: The Winter Sniffles


When the cold weather rolls around, it doesn’t come empty handed. For us nor’easters, mother nature has definitely brought it’s share of snow so far.

Between shoveling and being cooped up in the house when work/class is cancelled, I’ve caught a bad case of the sniffles 😦 Vitamins, tissues, and tea just aren’t making the cut. Just when I think they have gone away for good, the next morning I wake up sniffling away. 

Good news.

There IS hope! After reading around on the internet, the trick is pretty simple and cheap! EUCALYPTUS OIL! It is an all natural essential oil that can be found in any health food store and most supermarkets. For our online shoppers, Amazon obviously has it (click here)

Here’s what you do and will need:

A bowl, Eucalyptus Oil, Spoon, TISSUES!

1. Boil/microwave 1-3 cups of water

2. Once the water temperature is hot enough to let off steam, put it in a bowl 

3. Add 2-4 drops of Eucalyptus Oil and stir with a spoon. MAKE YOUR YOU WASH THIS SPOON VERY WELL. Essential Oils CANNOT be digested and will make you very ill. Never drink them or put them on any food.

4. Once the oil is stirred in, inhale deep breathes of the steaming water through your nose. You will instantly feel the steam clear your airway. Blow your nose every few times you inhale. If you do this religiously for 2-3 days, your sniffles WILL go away! 

Note: I like to do this before bed. That way, your nose is clear for the night and the mucus (hate that word) won’t get stuffed up again!

Conquer those sniffles!!




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