The Way I See It…


While reading this article, I lost count at the amount of conversations my girlfriends and I have had about this topic. We would ask each other for advice on how to act, what to say, or which outfit to wear to impress a guy. All of us have so much to take pride in and offer, I look back now and realize how silly we were. The way I see it, is if we all pretend to be someone we’re not in order for someone to like us, then they aren’t even interested in the real you.

If you click the link above and read the letter, the main message this little girl’s father is trying to send her is to be herself. Individuality, something everyone in the world lacks to embody but has the chance to have- yet so many of us decline. Never lose yourself to win someone else’s attention. I have been down that road, it ends with nothing but disappointment and time wasted. I wish I had the opportunity to read this letter ten years ago. There would have been a handful of people sifted out of my life earlier than they were. But enough with regret, because it doesn’t get you anywhere.

Take this letter with you and move forward. Next time you are sitting in your room alone, contemplating on what to say or which outfit will “keep him interested,” stop yourself.  Just as her father said, “Remember that everyone is worthy of interest.”



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