Sweater Weather


There is something about season change that excites me, almost like a kid on Christmas morning. Right in the beginning of every season, I am always ready for a fresh start. As I was walking through my campus today, I inhaled a deep breath of the new air. I looked around and swallowed the sight of leaves changing and let crisp air fill my lungs. Every year I think about the beauty and miracle of nature. No artist can paint a picture perfect scene like mother earth. It still amazes me how the color of leaves in the fall compliment each other. There is no artist deciding which colors to use, it just happens. I don’t think I could ever live in a climate that doesn’t have four seasons. The excitement never becomes old.

Needless to say, I am anxious to begin all of my autumn adventures. I am already planning a weekend to pumpkin pick. I’ve just about “pinned” every pumpkin recipe and dug my riding boots and scarves out of the closet! Oh and already brainstorming my Halloween costume 🙂 There will be tons of posts this season so saddle up!

– A


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