The Lazy Sock Bun


The Lazy Sock Bun

Introducing the lazy sock bun!

This look is for those days where your “fly- aways” are just not cooperating and there are no bobby pins handy. Switch it up a little but! Instead of wearing your sock bun up high, this style creates a more casual look. I used it today when I was in a hurry to get to my internship in the morning and did not have the time to manicure a high sock bun. I also left a few pieces of hair down in my face frame. It is a very soft, easy look!

Grab your elastic and put your hair in a low pony tail.

I have a “sock bun donut thing-a -majig” maker from H&M ( $2). Put your pony tail in the donut and tuck hair underneath as you roll it down to meet your elastic. Pull some pieces hair out around your face frame if you please and Voila!! You are ready to conquer the day.


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