Where There’s Wood, There’s A Way


Apparently, crafting is contagious, and my boyfriend caught the bug from me. All summer long, he’s put up with listening to my tangents about new DIY crafts I have found and can’t wait to start.

We are both creative minds that appreciate originality. Our styles differ, but we both have the tendency to steer from the norm by putting our own twist on things. In the midst of him moving last month, he was forced to become innovative with downsizing his bedroom.He is a graphic designer and like any artist, needs a comfortable and productive work space that is not too cluttered. He needed a desk big enough to fit all his stuff, but not take up the entire room, which was hard to find. As his roommates dashed to Ikea to buy their furniture, he trekked half an hour away to pick up wooden pallets. He decided to design his own work space!


He took measurements and sketched out the piece. The purpose was to build something long and slim, with a simple rustic wood look to match his style, but nothing too bulky or large that would grab the attention of the entire room. Space was limited, so we took precise measurements and made sure there would be space for storage underneath. I was so anxious to witness his idea come to life after seeing the sketches and assisting him with brainstorming! From the height and length to the built in shelf for his computer, this was a piece of furniture that screamed unique!

His first step was to break up the wood. When using pallet wood, it is always smart to wear gloves in order to avoid splinters and be aware of rusty nails! After that, he basically followed the exact sketch. He cut the wood to size the measurements we took, which created the top of the desk. First, he set up the wood with finish nails to create a rough frame to hold the boards together. When he was ready to drill, he pre- drilled the holes where the wood would be held together.

image-1     image-6

Once the boards were drilled together, he drilled in 4 table legs from Ikea

($3.50 a piece!).

image-4                    image-2

The desk was built! Then it was time to create a new look for the wood. The pallets he got were plain and fresh looking. He wanted to give the piece a rustic, washed out look. To begin, he sanded down the wood in order for it to absorb the finish. He bought Minwax Provincial and Minwax Classic Gray to stain the wood. He applied a few coats before it began to show. This product worked beautifully. I was amazed how “original” the wood looked after. To me, it looked like it had been a desk that was used for years, collecting wear and tear that gave it an identity. To seal the stain, he used a Minwax Satin finish that gave the desk a smooth surface.


The final product came out exactly how he had visioned it, not to mention it fit the space perfectly. It is always rewarding to use something your hands have molded for the first time. Then of course, he crafted it into his workspace by adding nick nacks, a light, and small collectibles. He is inspired by old typography, mostly on old packaging and signs, so they compliment his new desk in the room!


IMG_2657e31       IMG_2651e31


Pallet wood is ridiculously underrated! Not to mention free and easy to work it, There are so many ways to put it to use in your home, many of us are hitting ourselves over the head for spending a fortune on store bought furniture.


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