“Modge” About You



As an avid lover for interior decorating, it is a struggle to find affordable and stylish home decor on a college budget. This summer, I took it upon myself to become extra creative at decorating my new room by simply upcycling some boring furniture I had or bought cheap.

Above is an old, wooden kitchen chair that was going to get thrown out. It sat in my house for weeks as I brainstormed of how it should look. I’ve used Modge Podge for a number of different crafts, but didn’t think to put it to use on this chair, until I came across some of tissue paper I had saved in my craft box because I loved the print. I could not part with this tissue paper because it was so beautiful. Then, a light bulb went off! First, I was going to attempt to hand trace the pattern onto the chair, however the lines came out messy. So I read up on a few blogs about using Modge Podge with tissue paper and went in for the kill. To my surprise, it turned out wonderful! Luckily, I had some old paint laying around that complimented the tissue paper print. Vaulá! I had a customized chair that matched my room for a fraction of the cost it would be to buy a new one!

Modge Podging is quite simple- but it can become messy if you don’t do it the right way. Before you begin, set up your crafting area with newspaper.Gather all of your supplies needed, because Modge Podge is sticky and you don’t want to be running around looking for supplies with it all over you hands. To Modge Podge, you will need a bottle of Modge Podge Matte or Gloss (your preference, depending on how you want your craft to look), a paint brush, water, a wet cloth/paper towel, and your craft! If you are Modge Podging a surface, make sure it is clean. Next, smooth out your paper, etc. For example, when I used tissue paper, I got all of the kinks/rugged ends straight before I applied the MP so there wouldn’t be ridges.

Next, paint the MP on the surface of whatever your crafting. Like I said, have your supplies handy because it dries quick! When I used the tissue paper, I layed it on the MP very slowly to make sure it dried smooth. After about a half hour, go over the top of your craft with MP to seal it. You will not ruin your craft, MP dries clear! You can MP pictures, fabric, etc.  Wait for the top layer to dry for about an hour. If you got MP on your hands, wash them with warm water and soap! Also, make sure you wash the brush you use, or the MP will dry and make your bristles stiff!



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